Tree Stumping

Stump removal is the hardest part when removing a tree. It is also vital to remove it as soon as possible, because the rotting stumps not only spoil the overall appearance of your lawn, but it also attracts insects like white ants and termites.

Tree Stumping in Burlington, NCStump grinding is a highly technical and specialized process that requires modern equipment and advanced skills to work with it. You can be comfortable knowing that our experienced crew has the right machinery and the knowledge how to operate it safely and quick. We will make it look like there was never a tree with absolutely no impact on your property. After we are done the area will be safe and and ready for landscaping use you require.We can leave the remaining wood chips for your landscaping needs as a natural mulch, or we can get rid of it for you.

Burlington Pegram has also specialized in offering fine tree work and regular maintenance to theĀ Burlington, NC and the surrounding areas.

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